Portable Charger - 5200 mAh External Battery


Simplify Products are designed to meet the needs and demands of active people and families on the go. Our portable iphone charger is a great external battery to keep your active family powered up at home or away. The portable charger is compact, lightweight and has a nice sleek design. Whether you work at home, at an office, travel a lot, or are a student, this external battery pack will keep powered up. 

Have a student in the family? Everything is done on tablets these days. The Simplify cell phone portable charger is a powerbank that is great for students. The convenient charge capacity indicator always lets you know what you have available for charging. It weighs in at only 4.4 oz and is a slim portable power bank so it virtually takes up no space in a student’s back pack.

– making it great for travel, school, or just your everyday portable charger.

FAST CHARGING powerbank so no need to worry about losing power during an important call or meeting

FOUR LIGHT CHARGE INDICATOR lets you know how much charging ability your portable power bank has left


  • Single port
  • 5200 mAh (13.2wh)
  • Input: DC5V-1500mA                                              
  • Output: DC5V-2400mA      
  • Connector port:  Micro USB cable               
  • Dimension: 4.75 “ x 2.75” x .75”  4oz                                       

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