About us

Simplify Products is a small, family owned business. It is a brand created by Go-Go Babyz, which was founded on the fundamental idea to make traveling with kids easier. Now that our kids are no longer babies, they no longer need to travel with car seats, strollers, diaper bags or other gear designed for babies & toddlers. Yay! However, we have realized that being an active family, be it traveling or just the hectic day to day schedule, we sure do need a lot of “stuff.”Just like when the kids were little and with their baby gear, we have found that some of that “stuff” could be improved upon to make life easier when you & your family are “on the go”.

Simplify Products are designed to "uncomplicate" your life and make your family’s active lifestyle easier and simpler. We launched Simplify Products as the newest brand for our product line which is geared to the whole family! They are all products that we have thought to ourselves out in the trenches with our family, “it sure would be nice to have something like …..” or “I wish there was a way to bring less stuff”, or, ok, you get the point.

Give our stuff a try and "uncomplicate" your life!